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Fall 2021

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Fall 2020

Fashion and design are often used as tools to romanticize the past, which is why it is important to put history in context and understand how we all come from complicated pasts. Based on my undergraduate thesis I am taking from documentation from my Great Aunts life, and the garments she designed in the 1950s while referencing my present context within 2020. Redesigned 1950s printed fabric and craft supplies are used within these paintings to reflect my own identity and family history. Additionally, puppets are utilized to amplify my unfiltered consciousness that was documented within a span of 6 weeks in 2020. I plan to continue to look at how design and fashion can use historical context to break up the romanization of the past, so a contemporary audience can see the relationship between themselves and history.

Containment Journal

Beginning at the end of March 2020, Oregon instated a Stay at Home Order, to protect people from the COVID-19 virus. These are journal entries, streams of consciousness, and projects I completed during this quarantine; completed in a 10" x 7" sketchbook.