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La Rondine

Oregon State's Winter Opera 2019

Opera by Giacomo Puccini, 1916

Directed by Anthony Eversole

Costumed by Anna Roth

Set in the early 1920's
Costumes were pulled from existing Oregon State Costume Stock

The Taming

Written by Lauren Gunderson, Directed by PJ Harris, Performed at Oregon State University

Once This Island Renderings

Playwright: Lynn Ahrens
Composer: Stephen Flaherty


Costume renderings for practice in costume design, research, and technicality. 

Young Timoune
Ti Moune
Papa Ge

The gods are all wearing papier-mâché heads, that are based off of traditional Haitian carnival masks. Papa Ge's is different as his cigar portion of the head/mask is rigged to be pulled out to reveal his dagger.

Mama Euralie
Ton Ton Julian
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