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Performance of Healing

Healing Suits activate, regulate and soothe the physical body to provide mental healing. 

Performance of Healing

Lane Bryant Internship '22

As a team of 8 Lane Bryant Interns across interdisciplinary fields (Design, Merchandising, Allocation, Marketing). We conducted intensive research to pin point customer "pain points" throughout the omni-channel shopping experiences. This includes Social Media, App, Website, and In Store experience. Below is a snap shot of our presentation of findings and suggestions, which we pitched to CEO Liz Edmiston, our reporting managers, and top LB executives. Here I have the pieces I worked closest to, the In-Store experience.

The entirety of the presentation can be found here.

Internship LB '22

Lane Bryant Internship '22: Sketches

Value shifts

Designed with Sunny Ning and Lorena Pipenco, looking at the value changes between generations, cultures, and social positions. We specifically looked at our own families from American, Chinese, and Romanian cultures. My family focus was on my great grandfather's work as a cartoonist and additional American/Swedish folk storytelling. This developed into using different tradtional animation styles: flipbook and Thaumatrope which was then used to create sublimation prints with our own personal motifs.